Rick’s Pro Shop Kicks-off the 2019-2020 Season!

BREAKING NEWS: Rick Hartings has been ruled out for this weeks league match. Yes we know it is opening night too boot. Hartings called the bowling alley this morning saying, “Fellas, its harvest time. My ass will be stuck in a combine all night. I won’t be bowling the first few weeks.

Brad Selhorst will be his replacement. We caught up with Selhorst on his twitch account, when Brad heard the news he let out his evil laugh. This continued for way to long, but Brad finally began; “Yeah man I’ll be ready to go tonight man. I’ve been playing call of duty all day man, just prestiged man. Should be a fun night of bowling man.”

Phil Hibner’s birthday is today, let’s make sure we wish wish a happy birthday!

All the action, all the noise, it is Opening Night, tonight at 9 o’clock!

Starting lineup 8/28/2019:
Phil Hibner
Lee Keaser
Brad Selhorst
Garrett Stout

  • August 28, 2019