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  > The History

The West Ohio High School Bowling Conference was started back in 1999 by the area Bowling Proprietors. The first year the league had eight schools represented, and the Wapak Redskins were crowned League Champs.
     In the 2000-2001 season a junior varsity league was added, and  the varsity league was separated into two divisions (east and west). At the end of the year the divisional winners rolled off to determine a league champion. The Wapak Redskins defeated the Coldwater Cavaliers 20-10 to be crowned champs for the second straight year.
     In the 2001-2002 season a girls league was added to the conference, and the Van Wert Pride were crowned the girls champions. In the junior varsity the Wapak Redskins were first in their respected league, and in the boys varsity the Coldwater Cavaliers went undefeated as they were crowned the champs. 


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