Summer Bowling Pass 2022

Sign Up For Your Pla-Mor Lanes Summer Bowling Pass

The Hottest deal of the summer is back! The Pla-Mor Lanes Summer Pass is the ultimate bowling pass during the summer. 

What makes the summer pass better than Kid's Bowl Free? 

  1. Adults & Teenager's: the Kid's Bowl Free Program doesn't cover your bowling. Only 15 & under are covered.
  2. Interested in the learning the game? The summer is the best time to learn or improve your game. During the summer months our prices don't change.
  3. The Summer Pass allows you to bowl 6 Games per day, everyday of the summer.
  4. Pass holders get exclusive training and coaching from Pla-Mor staff members.
  5. This is the best deal of the summer! 
  6. Who knows what else we'll come up with for those who are pass holders! We are always full of surprises here at Pla-Mor Lanes. 
  7. The cost is ONLY $125.00. Example...One consecutive week of 6 games equals $147.00. The pass literally pays for its self. 

May 1st, 2022 - August 31st, 2022.

Don't wait, sign up now! Take your game to next level!